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- Welcome to the The Richard Agency Onboarding Portal For New & Prospective Symmetry Agents -

Where are YOU at In Your Journey?

Welcome To Symmetry

- Your Steps From Deciding To Start To Getting Your Onboarding Email -

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1. Register For The Course

Xcel Solutions is the company we use - the completion of this course makes you eligible to sit for the state exam.

1. Choose "Insurance Pre-Licensing English/Spanish"

2. Select Your State and Hit "CONTINUE"

3. Select LIFE & HEALTH and is the SELF STUDY

4. Select "Go to Cart"

5. Apply Discount Code: SFGARICHARD

2. Create A New Gmail

Create a new Gmail account that you use only for Symmetry business.
Most of our agents use

If that is taken, make a variation. Just make sure it is professional.

Send a message to your hiring agent so we have your new email address (this will be used for your onboarding)

3. Download Google Apps

You need to make sure you're in the know when things happen. Go to your app store on your phone and download these and sign in with the new Gmail account you just created

- Gmail

- Google Calendar

4. Add Calls To Your Calendar

Add the call schedule to your calendar and start attending these meetings ASAP.

New Agents:
Team Meetings
Monday - Friday
@ 10:15 AM EST/ 9:15 AM CST


Next Level Agents:
Seek advice from your mentor on what calls to attend

5. Apply To The Team

You will get an email from Quility/Symmetry Onboarding with the link to login and complete the application.

URGENT! Start your onboarding application within 48 hours of receiving the email.

If you need more time, it is very important that you reach back out and let us know.

6. Download "Teams"

This is our team’s communication platform.

Use the following link to join:

When you get on, send a DM within Teams to your mentor to let them know you have successfully done this.

Turn on notifications for this. Check Teams a couple of times daily for announcements.

7. The 5 Voices Assessment

By knowing ourselves and knowing others, we are going to be able to know how to communicate and help each other.

Take the assessment at the link below and send your voice order to your mentor.

Finished the Pre-Licensing Course?

- Great Job! The Real test Begins.. -

Click These For More Info

Once You Schedule Your Exam Its Time To Cram!

Watch this helpful exam taking video

What If I Already Have My License?

Once/If You Have Your License You Must APPLY TO WORK WITH US!

Once Your Application is Complete - you will want to look for a WELCOME EMAIL.

With this email, do THREE THINGS:

Okay, I'm contracted... What Now??

Then get with your mentor...

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